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Looking for online Exam partner ,this is the right place. We conver your Exam sheet to  Mobile Screen. 

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We Provide Testing solutions to all type of Institutions and Exams like JEE , NEET, GATE CAT, RRB, IBPS , Even Our system has capability to organise Exam for School Level Students 

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About Us

Online Exam Software based on Cloud on Demand.
Power-Exam a complete exam software including all type of questions like
MCQ, T/F, Matching, Short-Answer & Long-Answer type, various
languages like English, Bengali, Hindi, Schedule Exam Date & time ,
Percentage Calculation , Ranking , Correct Answer , Explanetion , Emailing
Result , Pc as well as Mobile friendly apps . Online Payment Integration .

Steps for Students for taking Test --------

1) Log-in using their provided Id & Password.
2) Site will automatically redirect to Exam page - My Exam
3) Exams are listed according to their group , class or section. So only own exams are visible
4) On the Exam list Exam open or close date are available ,
5) Click on the Exam title find the Exam description & start button.
6) After the Exam click on My Result on that Exam see the reasult details with correct answers.

Steps for Institutions fro adding Exam --------

1) Log-in using their Institute Id & Password.
2) Then go to page Institution ( Students don't have access this page)
3) Click Add New Class , Fill the form & save it , Don't change the Institute Id , your E-mail is your Id.
4) Then Add Exam , fill the exam form according to your needs.
5) Then Create new question , all type of questions are available .
6) Add questions according to your needs.
7) Now your Exam is ready.
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User id - demo_86 , Password - demo123

If any problem contact– 9339371688 / 8240290266
amitava1mon@gmail.com. / amitava_mon@yahoo.co.in

   Privacy Protection

we maintain privacy of our all user contact information under 3d secure invironment. Under any circumstance it’s our responsibility to protect all user generated data .

When you visit our website www.power-exam.com or our Mobile Application and use our servise , you trust us with your personal informations. We take your privacy seciously.

We seek to explain to you the easiest way that what information we collect how we use and what rights you have in relation to it. Please take some time to read the policy if you find any objections you may discontinue our service.

This privacy policy applies to all information collected through our website www.power-exam.com and Mobile Application and it's service.

Information We collect as 

1) User login Information: - Your email address is used as login into our system , It is used as communication purpose only with you. No third party involvement are done by us.

2) Institution Exam & Study Material :- Exams, Questions , Explationations, Stydy Materials all are used only by you and your students. As long as no longer need your delete it any time, Or if there is any leagal objection from any body about your contents we delete it any time without giving any notice .

3) Students Information:- Students informations are strictly protected , if you agree we can provide number of  virtual login ids according to your needs .

4) Online Payments:- Online Payments done through our site and apps are highly secureed by us & reputed payment processors.

So go ahed if you are ready.